Be financially prepared for the unexpected. Contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) can help you get your healthcare savings in order for when it counts. Stop in and open your account today.

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One of the greatest benefits of an HSA is its tax-friendliness. Your contributions are deductible, and withdrawals are tax-free when they’re applied to qualified medical expenses. Plus, all your funds can be carried over year to year.

Transparent Fees

We keep our fees to a minimum—that just means more savings for your healthcare expenses.

Requirements Amount
Monthly Fee $0
Per-Transaction Fee $0
Annual Fee $0

Interest Earned

There’s nothing like saving away a little extra healthcare funding just for investing! Your SFFCU HSA account can also earn compounding interest—it’s one of the many benefits of being a credit union member.

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